Results of our ABM Research Published – There IS a Data Challenge

Alice Bartram
Director, Product Marketing
Avention OneSource Solutions

When we set out in March to survey B2B marketers on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and the role of data in account-based approaches, we were pretty sure we’d find the topic of interest and indeed over 90% of respondents noted ABM was relevant to their business and 86% feel ABM would drive growth.

What we weren’t so sure about was the state of practical aspects of ABM. What was impeding getting a program going? Do B2B marketers feel they have the right data in place to start and run a program? Can they identify the right accounts to target, whether they be existing customers or net new prospects?

We admit to being surprised at the level to which our survey participants reported being hamstrung by both lack of data and lack of confidence in the data that they do have.

Our survey results have uncovered a stark reality: the needed data foundation for ABM is not in place with B2B marketers universally. The #1 challenge cited by our respondents as the roadblock to starting a program was data access and ability to leverage that data. Almost 70% admit they can’t identify accounts that match target segment attributes and three-quarters can’t identify relevant contacts within target accounts. Three-quarters!

These are big issues. How is a program to be successful without these key foundational elements? As a marketer – how do you know you are targeting the right accounts without the right data?

To be successful, ABM programs require a solid data foundation – both in the planning phases and throughout the whole of the program. There is no doubt that the road to successful ABM starts with data and the right tools to deliver that data in a meaningful way. Data also fuels ongoing ABM success.

Read our report for more insights on the state of data and ABM, including practical guidance from marketing leaders interviewed as part of our research.

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